Friday, September 11, 2009


These platters were wheel thrown and turned. The platter on the left was colored with oxides and fired to a stoneware temperature of 1260oC. It is a non-utiliterian piece and is left unglazed as the matt design has an aesthetic appeal and contasts to the slightly shinely, vitrified surface under neath.

The first thing catches ones eye when they see the platter on the right is the dead rat in the centre, this was achieved using the paper resist method. The line decoration around the rat was incised through a purple under-glaze, emphasizing the rat and the humor it creates. This platter was glazes with a transparent glaze and fired to 1100oC.


  1. Hi!

    Love the purple platter, I didn't ever realize it was a dead rat but that's even more fabulous. The earn for your brother is also beautiful, though I'm sorry you had reason to make it in the first place.


  2. Hi Jesse.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. your comment means a lot. I think the rat platter is quite humourous, i don't think anybody would like to eat off it though.

    Take care.


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