Thursday, November 19, 2009

24 piece dinner set

In this work, are 24 pieces for a dinner set. This set consists of 6 square dinner plates, 6 semi-bowls with square rims, 6 bowls with square rims and 6 creme brule bowls with square rims. I began to throw the 6 bowls and the prototypes for the semi-bowls and the creme brule bowls. Once the thrown bowls were leather hard, i began to turn them, when this was done, i measured and cut the rims into squares. Once my prototypes were leather hard, i turned them into shape and made one piece moulds of them. I then slip cast 6 bowls from each mould and measured and cut the rims into squares. With regard to the square plates, i made a 40cm hump mould, rolled out 6 slabs of clay with a thickness of 0.5cm, pressed them onto the hump mould, centered it onto the wheel-head and threw the feet onto the surface. Once my plates were leather hard, i measured and cut them into squares that measure 27cm from rim to rim. After bisque firing all of my bowls and plates, i applied a white opaque glaze to the surface of each item and glaze fired them to 1100˚C. After glaze firing, i applied a poppy on-glaze color to the already fired glazed surface of each item and fired them to 750˚C.


  1. Hi Mat, thanks for reading my blog, I really liked your dinnerset.Iin the days when I was a potter, that is what I used to throw. I also enjoyed your sculpture and what the dog represented.

  2. You are most welcome. Thank you for your comment. This dinner set was unpredictable because, in the making, it was perfect, but as soon as it came out of the firing, there was a lot of warping, so there was a lot of reject pieces, but the end result was great. I love the dog sculpture as well, it took a lot of thought and research. Thank you again.

  3. Wonderful work and the dinner set a knockout. Thanks for sharing your talent. Joan T

  4. AMAZING!!! do you sell these?? can you please contact me on to let me know??

  5. hello,
    i really Appreciate your talent you really create a unique design.
    it is really a eye catching design.
    keep sharing.

  6. this dinnerset is gorgeousness...


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